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This web exhibition was made possible through the generous support of
The Nathan Cummings Foundation.

The Nathan Cummings Foundation

The Museum and the exhibit team thank those who have contributed the artifacts, information, ideas, resources, and good will that resulted in this web exhibition:

ASEAT (Arizonans for Safe and Equal Access to Transportation) and Pam Whitaker-Lee
Babs Auberger
Vanessa Lindquist Barrie
Claudine Brown
The Atlantis Center, Denver
The ARC of Bergen and Passaic 
The ARC of Washington State
MaryLou Breslin
Steve Brown
The Center for Universal Design, University of North Carolina
Judi Chamberlin
Diane Coleman and Not Dead Yet
Kitty Cone
Justin and Yoshiko Dart
DREDF—the Disability Rights and Education Defense Fund
Pat Deegan
Jim Ferris
The Family of Bertha Flaten
Dave Franke
Tom Federman
Jim Ferris
Jack and Roslyn Gannon
Martha Griswold
Marilyn Hamilton and Sunrise Medical
Joan Headley and Post-Polio Health International
Laura Hershey
Disability Funders Network
J.J. Jackson
Mark Johnson and the Shepherd Center
Cindy Jones
Larry A. Jones
Lynetta Jones
Janine Bertram Kemp
Georgina Kleege
Maurine Knighton
Laura Kreiss
Cathy Kudlick
Riva Lehrer
Rich Linnekin
Jan Majewski
Neil Marcus
Carr Masi
Mark Maurer and the National Federation of the Blind
Tony McCarty and Kitchen Angels
Laura McClure
Kristen Messich
New Mexico School for the Deaf and Ronald Stern, Superintendent
Marly Norris
David Oaks and Support Coalition, Inc.
Catherine Odette and Dykes, Disability and Stuff
Tom Olin
Corbett O’Toole
Fred Pelka
Becky Pfordresher
Van Phillips
Mary Francis Proctor
Remembering With Dignity
Penny Richards
Zona Roberts
Scott Robinson
Sue Ruff
Maria Scaler
Jim Seath
Arthur Shapiro
Joe Shapiro
Jim Sinclair
Ken Stein
Robin Stephens
Steve Taylor
Ahoua Twitty
Joy Weeber
WGBH Boston, The Caption Center
Winnebego Mental Health Institute
Pat Wright
Everett Parker, Jr.

Researchers, Interns, Volunteers

Rachel Anderson
Nick Aszling
Jake Beckstrom
Mariana Bellante
Emma Benintende
Meecha Corbett
Dan Egol
Emalie Fogg
William Frentz
Kate Gaskill
Katy Gathright
Caroline Lieffers
Nick Lieu
Kathy Pao
Taylor Pierce
Drew Robarge
Janelle Takesono
Tony Valenzuela
Cara Wattanodom
Jonathan Wigginton
Napol Wills
Sofia Zuluaga

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